So the cat’s out of the bag: The Sunday Shortstack’s going to be closing its doors for good at the end of April, but we’ve still got another two months to make merry and eat many flapjacks. So join us! This Sunday we’ll be having Classic Flapjacks with a Choose-Your-Own-Jam Topping (we’ll have a delicious assortment available). We’ll also have homemade butter, yogurt, and maple syrup. As always, all organic and homemade, gluten-free and vegan stuffs available.

Sunday, March 3rd, featuring:


From a very accurate review by Fraser Dobbs: “Their odd, whimsically organic improv-folk is a constantly changing beast, and no two of their performances could ever be compared. Instrumental climaxes fall into place seemingly out of thin air and the coordination between musicians seems at once orchestral and random; the sonic qualities of plastic cups are just one element that could be explored to its natural end over the course of a show’s journey.”
Check it out here:


Equal parts Townes Van Zandt and Mississippi John Hurt. A 60s folkie with a guitar, out of time yet knowing perfectly well how to honor traditional roots music while bringing it up to date with his own songwriting. He is joined this time on percussion by the multi-talented Galen Elfert on a makeshift percussive kit. Have a listen here: