Countdown is on! We’ve got eight more ‘stacks left and we hope to serve you up some flapjacks before this whole game is over. On the menu this Sunday is Lavender Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce, plus the usual homemade butter, yogurt, and maple syrup. As always, all organic and homemade, gluten-free and vegan stuffs available.

It’s also daylight savings time this Sunday, so don’t forgot to turn your clocks forward!

Sunday, March 10th, featuring:


EdzieOo is not your average female singer/songwriter. She’s a sultry, mesmerizing, magical lion creature with a heart in her throat. She captivates audiences with her haunting harmonic vocal loops, modal guitar changes, piano ballads, and banjo tunes. Her sound is best described as a mixture of indie folk rock, and jazz with a dash of cabaret old time country. EdzieOo is described as small but mighty, a smokey voiced siren, a bluesy little firecracker, a beautiful haunting voice, and a good friend… to name a few. Her songs are inspired by life, the human condition, heartbreak and letting go. You can expect music to sway to, lyrics to relate with, and a voice that will creep into your dreams.
Hear Edzie’s sounds at


Just like a good ‘ol fashion nature walk, but instead of trees there’s a guitar and instead of birds chirping there’s a human making sounds with his mouth… oh, and if you’re really lucky he might even spill a glass of water and it’ll be like a waterfall. Listen here: