We have five more Shortstacks left! Luckily, March is giving us an extra Sunday, so we get a kind of bonus day to make pancakes and music for y’all. Coming up this Sunday we’ll be serving Earl Grey Pancakes with Honey Tea Syrup. As we do, there will be homemade yogurt, homemade butter, and maple syrup as well. As always, all organic and homemade, gluten-free and vegan stuffs available.

Sunday, March 31st, featuring:


Sisters Riverine comes from the mouths of two women whose inclinations to farm brought forth a shared love of song. Meeting on Cortes Island in late February 2011, time steeped repertoire in the kitchen, on the fields, in the woods and of the wilds, anchoring the beginning with a certain sense of place. The music is bare and simple: two voices carrying sounds from Appalachian, sacred harp and folk traditions. Their vocal robustness meets tender subtleties and is tempered with flexible surprise.