This is our last month! Four more ‘stacks before we close our doors, and we couldn’t be more excited about what we’ll be serving up for our last stretch and the tunes that are gonna be taking the stage.

This Sunday is also our very last time serving up Classic Flapjacks! The wonderful Trivia and Carnie, who have kept our for sale table stocked with fabulous preserves for the last few months, are making a variety of jams for the topping this week. Look for Carrot Cake Jam and Mulled Apple Cider Jelly, and maybe a couple other surprise flavours. Of course, there will be homemade yogurt, homemade butter, and maple syrup as well. As always, all organic and homemade, gluten-free and vegan stuffs available.

Sunday, April 7th, featuring:


MarinaPicforAlmostFamousOrganic Free-range Folk Pop. Imagine hearing a live performer whose voice sounds like a big healthy moist tree, where the trunk is almost like rotting mulch that you could dig your fingers into, and the high up needles are dark green and soft…Then there are the recordings: Like golden mist caught in a strong wind twisting into patterns and sparkling in the gentle muted sun. Listen here:

Marina Marina was just featured on Autostraddle! Check it out.


timjennaJenna Earle and Tim Riopelle from the band Ghostess join forces as a duo this Sunday. Jenna Earle creates moody yet inviting soundscapes that stem from her unique slide and open-tuning guitar techniques, her music couples distinctive lyrics and vibey production with sultry, almost haunting vocals. With Tim Riopelle accompanying on guitar, mandolin, slide and vocals this duo will stop time and make your pancakes last forever. Backup vocals from S.A.S.

All three performers are avid fans of fingerstyle guitar.  Think Kaki King and Don Ross melded with Feist and Cat Power.