Well, we’re finally coming up on our very last Shortstack. It has been one hell of an amazing year-and-a-bit with this thing — we’ve been so, so lucky to do this gig for so long and to have you all come out and support us again and again. We’ve tasted a lot of pretty great pancake combos and listened to some of Vancouver’s finest folk treasures. And the number of new friends we’ve made just from flipping flapjacks is enormous. Thank you for dreaming along with us. We would so love to see you one more time before we close up shop for good!

Join us this Sunday for one last seasonal extravaganza and our final Shortstack — we’ll be serving up Stewed Rhubarb Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce. Look for our usual homemade yogurt, homemade butter, and delicious maple syrup on the side too. As always, all organic and homemade, gluten-free and vegan stuffs available.

Sunday, April 28st, featuring, for a final time:


You know this bluegrass jam band only plays for the Shortstack, right? You can’t find ’em anywhere else. We’ve been more than lucky to have these guys share their music with us over the past year and we’re stoked to have them back one more time for tunes to raise the roof.