Welcome to The Sunday Shortstack!

Hi, I’m Esther — the pancake mixer, server, jammer & dreamer behind The Sunday Shortstack, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a weekly pancake breakfast that happens every Sunday at an awesome space in East Vancouver called The Toast Collective. We serve up different kinds of pancakes every week and we always have lovely local musicians playing the finest of folk tunes for us. Everything is organic and homemade, all the pancakes are vegan, and there’s always a glutten-free option — but you can read more about all that here.

Pancake breakfasts rock, spending time in rad community spaces rocks, and listening to your friends play music really rocks. So what if you could do all three at once? Well, that’s what The Sunday Shortstack is for!

Want to meet the cast of co-conspirators?

ben in the photobooth

This is Ben, who’s a flipping genius and can be found in front of the stove on Sunday mornings. He’s very focused but you can still go say hello and watch your pancakes turn into golden perfection. Plus he embroidered “The Sunday Shortstack” onto his baseball cap. That’s real love. This picture of him is sort of funny because the developing chemicals gave him some face wings.

This is Antanthonyphotoboothhony, who you have probably already said hello to if you’ve ever ordered pancakes. He keeps the coffee coming, let’s you know what’s what, and pretty much runs the whole front show. Talk to him. You’ll be better for it. In this picture, he looks a little bit like he’s in flames, which is a photobooth representation of how hot your beverages will be.


This is Kevin, who is the newest addition to our team and who we really could not do without. He’s the dish magician. You may see him running through the space and collecting dirty dishes before you even knew they needed collecting. He also keeps our toppings table full and fabulous, and does any number of other important tasks. And he wears a button-up with breakfast pictures on it.

I’m also lucky enough to have the help of so many other wonderful people, from the musicians who liven up the space every Sunday morning to my artist-in-residence who draws me pancakes on request, everyone who’s ever wandered back to the kitchen and asked what they can do to help, and all those who have helped and continue to help cart ingredients around (thanks ma and pa!) and taste test all of my cakey creations, from the good to the… you know.


If you want your face up here, talk to us at sundayshortstack[at]gmail.com and get involved!

5 thoughts on “about”

  1. Sounds like fun, Esther. Wish I could come. AF

  2. Hi there,
    Are you open on Easter Sunday (this coming Sunday)?

  3. Stephanie said:

    sounds great!
    is your space ‘child-friendly’?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      We’re lucky enough to get kids out to The Shortstack pretty often, babies and toddlers and teenagers and all. We don’t have any high chairs or a diaper change table, but we do have some good low couches that kids seem to be pretty comfortable on, there’s music to entertain them, and we’ve been working on getting more child-activity stuff, like crayons, books, and other fun stuff to keep small hands occupied. We don’t have all that stuff yet, but hope to very soon! So the short answer is: we love having kids at The Shortstack! But we know we don’t have all the physical stuff that usually accompanies child-friendly spaces. Depends a lot on the age and what each kid needs. Let me know if you have any other questions about what we’ve got and what you might need!

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