We’re closed, folks! Thank you so very much to the huge crowd that came out to celebrate our last Shortstack (and all the ones before that)! It’s  been the best kind of project to work on — good food, dreamy collaborators, and the finest music in town. Thanks to all for supporting us for so long! It’s been a real joy to serve you. Special and most grateful thanks to all the musicians who graced our stage over the past year. You’re the ones who really made this project what we dreamed it would be — a community space where we go to sing along with our old friends, share stories with new friends, and scheme up the world we want to live in over breakfast. Keep scheming and dreaming, friends! And if one of your dreams is starting up a similar project to the shortstack, feel free to shoot us any questions you might have that we could offer help on.

Much love and many flapjacks for the future!



2 thoughts on “contact”

  1. Mark Riser said:

    Hi hi

    Do u folks have gluten free options at your delicious breakfast?

    • Hi Mark,

      I responded to your email as well, but here’s what I said so other folks can take a look.

      The short answer: We do! We always serve up a gluten-free pancake that’s made usually with a combination of white rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch. We’re as careful as we can be about cross-contamination but if you’re seriously celiac, we can’t promise that there will be absolutely no cross-contamination, and would urge you to be cautious. We do our best to accommodate as many diets as we can, so if you have more specific questions about how you could safely eat the Sunday Shortstack, please just let us know!

      For more information, you can also take a look at our “Food Facts” page:


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