food facts

Everything cooked up at The Sunday Shortstack is made with organic ingredients and most of it’s homemade, including the butter, the yogurt, and all of the toppings. If there’s applesauce in a pancake, it was made in my kitchen with organic apples that I rescued from the fate of the compost. If there’s ricotta in a pancake (oh, just wait for it), it was made by me with milk from happy cows. The coffee, tea and sugar (plus any other special ingredients) are fair trade because making sure people get fairly compensated for their work is pretty important to me.

The ingredients in each week’s pancakes should be posted up on the whiteboard by the toppings table, so you can check out what you’ll be putting in your mouth before you eat. If they’re not written out there, just ask me! I may have misplaced the whiteboard marker again.

As for what’s actually in ’em…

Vegans, you’ll be happy to know you can eat at The Shortstack — in fact, all our pancakes are vegan! Not all of our toppings are, but there’s always something that is. The pancakes are made with olive oil, and for the egg replacer, I mostly use a baking soda/apple cider vinegar combo. That way I get to use my homemade apple scrap vinegar in your pancakes!

Gluten-free folks, if you can eat white rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch, you can eat these pancakes. Those tend to be the wheat-replacers that I use, though I have also used buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, oat flour, and arrowroot powder. I try to be careful about cross-contamination, but if you are a hardcore celiac, these might not be the pancakes for you — it’s a small kitchen and I can’t promise to have a separate set of kitchenware for gluten-free stuff. You can always send me an email to see if I can feed you safely.

I try my best to avoid corn and soy as ingredients and will let folks know ahead of time if those are going to show up in the featured pancake that week.

If you want to eat pancakes and there’s something on this list that you can’t eat, please let me know. I want everyone who wants to be fed at The Sunday Shortstack to be fed. Chances are, we can probably figure out a different way to make something so that you can eat it. It’s worth a shot, anyway: sundayshortstack[at]

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